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Our Grand Canyon helicopter tour was amazing! I can't expess enough how exciting it was for our party. We will wholeheartily recommend this to all in our group going out to Las Vegas.
-Samantha Miles, Group Leader, August, 2013

Thank you for the special attention and consideration you showed my husband and I for our tour to the Grand Canyon. We will try the helicopter tour next time we venture back to the U.S..
-Bill Millsworth, August, 2013

You truly do have wonderful customer service. Every detail was looked after with ultimate precision. I will recommend you services to everyone. Again, thanks a ton.
-Elizabeth Currey, September, 2013
Grand Canyon West Rim Voyager
Airplane Food Helicopter Boat

Tour Description
This tour begins with transportation to Grand Canyon West via airplane. You'll enjoy seeing Hoover Dam and beautiful desert scenery from the comfort of your aircraft. After landing at the West Rim of the canyon, you will get the chance to see Guano Point, learn cowboy skills at Hualapai Ranch, look through Native American handicrafts at the gift shops, and more. Your tour will include an exciting helicopter ride to the floor of the Canyon where you will enjoy a boat ride on the smooth water of the Colorado River. The journey is exhilarating and awe-inspiring. After, return to Las Vegas with more incredible views from the sky

Tour Details
Tour Code WVGR
Tour Category Airplane Tours
Tour Times 6:00 am
7:15 am
8:30 am
12:00 pm
Sights Hoover Dam
Lake Mead
Eagle Point
Guano Point
Cowboy Town
Itinerary Courtesy premium hotel pick-up and drop-off. If you are not picked up within five minutes of your pick-up time, do not wait. Please CALL US IMMEDIATELY.
Transportation by airplane to Grand Canyon West
8-minute helicopter flight to the canyon floor
Colorado River smooth-water boat ride
Approximately 3.5 hours at Grand Canyon West with access to all points of interest
Lunch on the rim of the canyon
Departing From Las Vegas
Returning To Las Vegas
Tour Length Hotel to Hotel 7.5 Hours

Pricing Information
Adult $403.00
Child $403.00
Prices are all-inclusive. There will be no extras added on to any of these prices.

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